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January 26, 2018

How to Implement Cryptocurrencies in Your Business


Surely, one of the most frequent questions that we get is from business owners because they want to know more about cryptocurrencies and how they can start using them. The main reason why they all want to know about cryptocurrencies now because Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies have been gaining a lot on their value.


There were many occasions where some cryptocurrencies have increased its value. But now this is different because almost every cryptocurrency has been affected by this. Being able to accept these special currencies into your business is not that easy. Especially if you don’t know to do it properly. However, you don’t need to worry about that anymore because we will educate you about this process and guide you through everything you need to know.

Basic Knowledge

Definitely, the first thing that you have to do is not rush into this just because you see other business adapting to this type of currency. The reason why you should be careful and take things easy because first, you have to understand what are these cryptocurrencies and what they are used for.


The more you know about something, the better you will get at it, it is not only for cryptocurrencies, that can be said for many other things in life. You first have to educate yourself about them and once you have learned all the information that you can, then you can start thinking about accepting and implementing it in your business. Being aware of all the risks that you will be putting your business under is really important before you start changing things.

Preparation Steps

In order to implement cryptocurrencies in your business, you have to go through the preparation steps first. The reason for that is because you wouldn’t be able to implement them without these steps. The first step is to create one of the virtual wallets where you can store all the cryptocurrencies that you have. We recommend that you put a lot of research into the wallet that you will choose because you can end up losing your money if you make the wrong choice.

There are some free to use wallets which are not that reliable because they have a worse security. However, there are some wallets that you have to pay in order to maintain them and store your money. Some of the most popular ones are the Blockchain and the Coinbase.


When it comes to cryptocurrencies, you need to know that it is legal to accept payments. The government might not be backing them, but that doesn’t mean they are illegal. When it comes to paying taxes, people often think they don’t need to pay them for these transactions. But they are wrong. You can get in trouble for not paying if someone finds out. To make sure and be 100% confident about your taxes and cryptocurrencies. We recommend that you talk to your accountant about this because he might have more information until then you should pay them.


January 10, 2018

Easy Way to Get Paid in Cryptocurrency


If you are interested in cryptocurrencies and you believe that the future is stored in this type of currencies, then you should be searching for new ways that will allow you to earn them. As you might know, one of the main ways to gain cryptocurrency is to mine it with a mining rig, but if you don’t want to invest into huge mining farms, then you should seek some other options. Of course, finding some other option is not easy because people are still not completely accepted cryptocurrencies and not that many people use them.


The other option that you have it to find a way to get paid for your services in cryptocurrencies. Well, this might sound like an easy task, but actually is quite complicated. Because people don’t want to pay with cryptocurrencies. Most people want to hold on them until they can sell them for a lot more. Today might be your lucky day, we have a solution for you that you should try out because it will allow you to receive payments.

Professional Invoice Designs

Most likely you have been making invoices for your business for a long time. And you have been experiencing some difficulties and having issues with receiving the payments. Well, that is most likely because you haven’t put enough time and effort into designing those invoices. Most people don’t realize just how important it is to create these invoices with a lot of passion. And that is the part when they make the biggest mistake. The reason why we are talking about invoice because if you are a really talented designer. And you want to dos something with your skill. Then creating and selling unique invoices can be your next thing.


The best thing about creating unique invoices is that there are a lot of people who are ready to pay you with cryptocurrencies for them. Of course, you have to be really talented and know what you are doing when making these invoices. Otherwise, if you are making poorly designed invoices, you will have a hard time finding people who are interested. The reason why invoices have to be designed so good because they are getting the job done. If you send a bad invoice to a client, you will most likely experience some delay in the payment.

Help from Applications

The one great thing about making cool designs nowadays is that you are able to use all kinds of helping applications and tools. Therefore, even if you are not that really talented at designing things. You can easily learn it with a little help from these applications and tools.


This means, that you don’t have to purchase an expensive mining farm to mine these cryptocurrencies, you can simply turn this into a very profitable business and get pain in various cryptocurrencies. These days, cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more popularity because of the sudden increase of their values. So now should be the best time to start making these smart investments.


October 30, 2017

Cryptocurrency Transactions


When it comes to any sort of transactions involving cryptocurrencies, many experts and specialists say that it is important to be patient. Sometimes, after you finish your transaction, it tends not to show up in the Exchange and many people were worried about it. The best thing to do is just wait because waiting is completely normal. Since this is still a new technology, it might happen that it takes some time to complete the transactions. This goes especially if you are sending cryptocurrencies between two exchanges.



Once someone sends a transaction, it will take some time to process it. In order to receive any data, the account has to be credited which involves all sorts of confirmations in order to give one transaction a valid status. It can happen that the transactions are going slower than usual. Most of the time, this means that there is a high volume of transactions on a single blockchain which is normal. In any case, you can always write a support ticket to the exchange. Where you will include all the available information on the transaction.

Waiting is normal and the more transactions you exchange, the more time it takes. You can find some additional information about it at this link. It can happen that your transaction gets rejected and that is normal too. The good thing is that you will get a confirmation that your transaction is waiting or receiving as well as when it is delivered. It happens that you get a confirmation that your transaction is delivered but it does not show it yet. This is normal too, just give it some time.

Check the status of your transactions

Every activity you make, get noted. All exchanges you send should keep you posted on the status. There are three phases of transaction status, pending, delivered and waiting for confirmation. If you pay a visit to a public ledger, you will be able to check the status of your transaction and find out if it has been added to the ledger. Usually, you can do this by checking the number of your transaction which you get every time you send a transaction.


If you are into Ether transactions, if you pay a visit to this link right here. You will be able to put in your TX number and check the status. The tricky thing is that sometimes, there can come to a lag between two exchanges. One might be delivered while the other is still not showing yet.

Do not worry, as this is normal too. So, one way or the other, your transactions will get delivered all you have to do is arm yourself with a lot of waiting time and hope for the best. You can find some comfort in the fact that this technology is absolutely protected. And there is no way for hackers to break in. In case that you need a quick guide to cryptocurrency terms, feel free to click here for it.