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December 4, 2017

More about the Waves rebrand


One of the main reasons why Waves was rebranded is because at first when creating this platform, the developers themselves didn’t expect it to go so popular all over the world, and now they wanted to give something more to their users by rebranding and refreshing the entire platform. Therefore, this rebranding of Waves was really a huge improvement for everyone who is using it.


If you want to know more about the rebranding process and see what are some of the things that they changed. Then continue reading this article because we have gathered some important information about the changes. We think that you will like to see some of these changes, mostly because they are very beneficial for users.

Ability to Visualize

One of the main issues that people had with Waves is that they went able to visualize it because it is a blockchain. This is only existing in cyberspace which means. That it doesn’t have a physical form that you can hold in your hands or see. Waves is a highly advanced platform that has various features and innovations for the clients to offer. And the issue was to find a way to represent all of that to a regular user. And at the same time not to lose the essence of the software. To be able to visualize this type of software, the best option that they had is to create a unique logo. That will capture the essence and everything that is important about this platform.

The Square and Wave

Of course, when rebranding they didn’t want to completely change the platform because they have already established some type of user base who can recognize them at any time. therefore, in order not to throw everything away, they decided to save some essential parts of the brand that was here from the day one and that is the square and wave.

This symbol represents everything they want and that is the key thing here. Both of these things have a deeper meaning behind them that you can research if you are really interested. The wave part can be easily figured out because this is the name of the platform.


November 26, 2017

Benefits of Using the Daylite Application  


If you are a business owner, then you already know that keeping your business organized and growing at the same time is really hard, especially if you have no previous experience as a business owner. It is always easier to run a business if you have some previous experience because it allows you to avoid many rookie mistakes. Some of those rookie mistakes can cost a lot of money and lose money on mistakes is the last thing that you want to be doing when starting a business. Because there are so many responsibilities and people are constantly failing to run their business on their own, a lot of applications were developed that are designed to help you with organizing everything for you.


This means that even if you are having troubles understanding or keeping up with all the responsibilities that you as a business owner have. You can succeed by simply using one of these applications such as the Daylight. If you want to find out more information and see some of the major benefits of using this application, then continue reading this article.


As you can guess an application like the Daylight will not only help you do some of the harder tasks, but it will save you a lot of precious time. Most rookie business owners are wasting a lot of their time just figuring out some of their responsibilities. But you don’t have to be like them, you can save a lot of time just by simply using the Daylight application in your advantage.


The Daylight application is specially designed for business owners. By professionals in order to help them grow and develop their business. growing your business to a success is a process. That will take a lot of your time and if you are wasting time on some not important task. Then you will significantly postpone your success day.

Invoice Help

If you are not that confident about creating your invoice. You don’t have to worry because this application will help you with that also. If you create a project inside this application and you send an invoice Billings, it will automatically create a separate event to help you remember when that invoice is due. Therefore, sending invoice will never be the same because you will be able to do send them much faster.